A game with no limits

Full of sex and gore

With a great story behind!

Explore, kill, Fuck & donĀ“t die

finally we are at patreon!

The Patreon campaign is redy!


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Here is a premise you do not hear every day: You just wake up without memory before this moment; You become an object of study for some type of experiment, always exposed to lethal tests and all kinds of physical, chemical, psychological and sexual abuse for the sake of an unknown cause. Now you are immersed in a world without rules, boundaries, moral, human rights, ESRB or PEGI.

We firmly believe that in this highly restricted world, video games must take adult players to places where they would never go, do things they would never do, and be someone who would never be, uncensored.


Check the game play video of the public level release:

Game Play Video 1 - Click Here


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